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Upcoming Workshops:

There are currently no scheduled workshops at this time.

Past Workshops:

Thom Sequoia - Acoustic Sessions at Art City Music Studios.png

Songwriting Workshop

Yamaha Music School, Spanish Fork, UT

Aug 20th, 2022

1 pm - 2 pm Beginner / Student Songwriting Workshop

2 pm - 6 pm Intermediate / Advanced Songwriting Workshop

The Songwriting Workshop will be presented by Thom Sequoia Kratochvil (Tommy), our school executive director, professional singer-songwriter, and video game composer.

Alec Pic.png

Sound Recording Workshop

Yamaha Music School, Spanish Fork, UT

July 9th, 2022
Sat, 2-4pm

The Sound recording workshop will be presented by Alec Lowe, who is both a professional composer for several different projects, as well as a drummer in multiple alternative, rock, and metal bands.

Alec is currently a drum and percussion teacher at Yamaha Music School, has a BA degree in music and sound recording, and will be teaching the recording class that will soon be offered through the school.


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